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VTC Digicom's CDN is a network of dispersed servers built based on domestic and international Internet infrastructure with the purpose of distributing customer’s content closer to connect to the end users. Therefore the content is optimized for speed of access and connection bandwidth. Thereby improving the end user experience for customer service.


Customers of CDN services is the content service provider (including images, audio, video on demand, file download, games, live TV ...) on the Internet to the end user. VTC Digicom had experience of implementing CDN services over 5 years, providing Internet TV (Live TV, Video on Demand) for Vietnamese in foreign countries which achieved good service quality.

Service Advantage:

  • Customers can easily update content on the CDN system.
  • Report user traffic statistics in details.
  • Geographical partitioning.
  • Availability of content and services, backup plan.
  • Support multimedia end-user devices.
  • Customers only need to concentrate on invest for development services and content without the need for investment in infrastructure and transmission server connection.