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Product - Service



This is a service that provides direct Internet connections with private international connections, which are deployed on fiber optic infrastructure, able to meet all the needs of customers in terms of speed.


Banks, government agencies, diplomatic, transport (air, rail, road, sea ..) oil and gas, trade, telecommunications, enterprise, ISP and serves all needs for data transmission formats such as game companies, website design company ...

Service advantage:

  • High speed, stability: download speed and upload equal at all times, a private transmission line connect directly to VTC Digicom backbone network. With international connections up to hundreds of Gbps, VTC Digicom bandwidth commitments provide customers always achieve 100% at all times. VTC Digicom Service totally unaffected when there is an incident with the undersea cable.
  • Flexibility: Perform easy lifting speed without changing terminals and connecting patterns of customers.
  • Diversity Application: customers can deploy high-quality applications such as Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Internet telephony (IP Phone), video conferencing (Video Conference), set up and manage Mail Server and Web Server system…
  • Technical assistance: VTC Digicom have a professional and experienced technical team  for customer care and support 24x7x365.